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Neo_Jackrabbit got it all

jackrabbit = rusakko

25 April
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Suicide is Love

Hyde is love
Made by lostdoll

made by __colormysaber
Remus Lupin is love

Made by lostdoll

Ed is short love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

The Grudge is love

Made by sefie_sama

Made by

Made bymarinshe

Made bymarinshe

dir en grey is love. conveniently forgot green.

Seimei is Incestuous brotherly Love

Ritsuka is Love

SoubixRitsuka is Love

Drarry is love obvious sexual tension turned passion.

Colorbar by i_am_deeders, Original art by Avilin

Marilyn Manson is Love.

Made by i_am_deeders

Amy is love

Batz Maru is Love

it's the refresh button.
the refresh button is uber-love.

I <3 LJ colorbars

Made bymarinshe

t.A.T.u. is Love.


xxm0rb1dxx @ colorbar_elite

xxm0rb1dxx @ colorbar_elite

xxm0rb1dxx @ colorbar_elite

Pandas are Adorable Love.

c00k13_m0nst3r @ colorbar_elite

Siberian Huskies are Alaskan Love.

c00k13_m0nst3r @ colorbar_elite

Made by shazam_tally

Flames are Hot Love.

c00k13_m0nst3r @ colorbar_elite

Made bymarinshe

Piercings are poke a hole in me love

Made By-teffiedragon

xxm0rb1dxx @ colorbar_elite

xxm0rb1dxx @ colorbar_elite

xxm0rb1dxx @ colorbar_elite

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the best stop-motion love.

Kitties are fuzzy and AWESOMELY CUTE love.

Tim Burton movies are artful, gothic and personal love.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

-Created by: allbottledup

Cutting doesn't make you cool.

I am an Atheist and I am loved.

Zoolander is ridiculously good looking love.

by this_is_fucked

Jawbreaker is teen dream love.

by this_is_fucked

Happy Bunny Is Kiss My Ass Love by _ravenous
Happy Bunny Is Kiss My Ass Love
by nanamikhalil

Smoking Is Not Love, It's Stupid

Premature Ejaculation is NOT Love, Whatsoever.

The Spice Girls Are NOT Love. No... Really.

Britney Spears is not Love.

Texas is NOT Love.

Goth Roses are Deadly Love

made by wicked_bunny

made by wicked_bunny

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
made by musiclove84

Japan is technical love.

Coke is soda love, with squirrels, polar bears, and monkeys.

Dr. Phil is critical love.

Fender Guitars are Electric Love

Guitars are Love

The Final is Love

Of course they do.

I do not want this.

Hentai is Love.:D

Marilyn Monroe is Love.

Linkin Park is Love

Johnny Depp is Love

Captain Jack Sparrow is Love

Moulin Rouge is Love

Condoms are Latex Love :D

Made By Eth3real_An9el

Dramione is fuck-you-Weasley love

created by: steftones